Hire A PT Post Surgery


Physical Therapy (PT) is an excellent way to recover from surgery, but you cannot do it alone. In order for a patient to receive the best PT possible, they must see a physical therapist who specializes in post-surgical rehab.

Post-surgery rehabilitation may be required after any type of orthopedic or general surgery, as well as head, neck, or back surgeries. The type of surgery will determine how long it will take the patient to recover and what type of physical therapy they need throughout that recovery process.

How Many Does Does The Wound Heal From Surgery?

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Depending on the type of surgery that is done, recovery can vary in length. If you are experiencing discomfort or pain following your surgery, it is important to track your progress with the surgeon who performed the operation. This way they will be aware of any complications and able to properly treat them before they become problematic for your health.

Once you begin therapy, your physical therapist will track your progress as you recover. Your PT will give you a timeline for how long it will take to recover from surgery and return to normal daily activities.

The Benefits Of Post Surgical Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is beneficial for a variety of reasons following an operation. Whether a patient has a broken bone, torn muscle, or herniated disk , therapeutic exercise helps strengthen and heal the affected area. Post-surgical physical therapy will help improve:

1) Flexibility – The patient’s range of motion in targeted areas will increase. This is essential for improving mobility and performance in regular activities like walking, bending over, and reaching up to put things away.

2) Strength – The patient’s overall strength will improve in the muscles surrounding the injury site. This results in better balance and coordination and reduces chances for future injuries.

3) Endurance – The patient can complete daily activities with less discomfort and fatigue. With more energy, the patient is able to perform tasks without experiencing pain or stiffness.

4) Balance & Coordination – The patient’s balance and coordination will improve with exercise. This reduces the risk of injury due to falls or awkward movements.

As you can see, post-surgical physical therapy has many benefits for patients who have recently had surgery . With the help of a physical therapist specializing in post-surgical rehab, you can expect to recover quickly and safely.