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Bob Ignizio, Editor

Bob Ignizio has lived in Northeast Ohio his whole life.  He got his start as a writer working for various music fanzines in the nineties, and from 2002 until 2006 ran the underground music and film website Utter Trash.  Bob started writing movie reviews for the Cleveland Free Times in March of 2008, moved to Scene Magazine when the two alternative news weeklies merged later that year, and remained there until September 2010 when he left to start the Cleveland Movie Blog.  When not watching movies and writing about them, Bob is a house husband and stay at home dad.

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Joseph Anthony

Joseph Anthony is a native of Ohio. A graduate of Bowling Green, Joseph now teachers early American history, which is his first joy. Throughout his life Joseph has enjoyed various arts, including, writing and playing music, painting, writing short stories and all things film.  He is a frequent friend to the Cedar Lee Theatre and enjoys all sorts of film. 

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Zoe Brown

Zoe Brown, a Cleveland native, became a foreign film enthusiast as a kid when she saw THE RED BALLOON, a 1956 French film. She realized then how incredible it was to watch the world through a different lens.  Watching foreign films has allowed her to engage and connect with other cultures, languages, and experiences she may never see in her lifetime.  She's eager to dispel the myths about subtitled films for her friends and family by making them watch movies they would normally shun. 

Zoe has a 9-5 doing what she loves, designing learning solutions for employees at a cool company, and a 6-11 also doing what she loves, blogging and helping female business owners.

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Charles Cassady, Jr.

Charles Cassady Jr. was born in Cleveland, Ohio. His first lucid memory of watching a movie in a theater? The Bob Hope vehicle CANCEL MY RESERVATION. Talk about an at-risk childhood. That pretty much ended his chances for a normal life. Many issues of "American Film" and "Famous Monsters of Filmland" later, young-adult Cassady was idling in Europe in a semester-abroad program when mysterious strangers of devious foreign manufacture beckoned and offered a gig to write movie reviews for a dollar apiece. And thus did Charles Cassady's routine as a malformed, shunned mutant outcast come to an end. Now he was a malformed, shunned, mutant outcast film critic. He has contributed to the Cleveland Free Times, the Morning Journal of Lorain, Scene, Video Librarian, the VideoHound book series, the CineBooks Motion Picture Guide, the Cleveland International Film Festival Program Guide and an epic-scale niche-movie guidebook that remains tragically unseen thanks to the financial meltdown of the publisher. Author of "2001" and inventor of the communications satellite, he now lives in retreat in Sri Lanka where he ponders the mysteries of this and other worlds. Okay, that last sentence was hijacked from an intro to Arthur C. Clarke; Cassady has to pad his resume from time to time. Cassady's fondest wish: for the Wizard to grant him brains, a heart and courage. Meantime, there's always movies to write about...

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Candice Lee Catullo

Candice is a content developer for a local Cleveland company. When she is not developing the heck out of content, she is proofreading, hanging out with family, reading the complete works of Ernest Hemingway, and overthinking everything.

A Bowling Green State University journalism graduate, Candice has worked as a writer in Washington DC, Dayton, and Cleveland. She has a craving to hear and tell stories, and movies are lovely story pearls to savor. Her first-ever favorite movie was NATIONAL VELVET, starring Elizabeth Taylor (yes, she still loves it). 

Eric Sever

By day, Northeast Ohio native Eric Sever works as a multimedia journalist for WKYC-TV Channel 3. But by night, he is a film-reviewing, script-writing, horror-loving actor and former chef, always in search of his next great role or his next great meal. Eric was a film critic for the statewide newspaper The Gay People's Chronicle and has written for Spotlight Magazine. As an actor, he has appeared on stages in Washington D.C. and Detroit, as well as locally in various productions at Cleveland Public Theater and convergence-continuum. His current on-going collaboration is as a writer/actor/director with the Cleveland Radio Players, a production company specializing in vintage-style radio plays. 
Eric’s earliest memory is seeing SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS at the age of 4 -- his first movie in a theater. He cried the whole way home because Snow White just dumped her friends to go live with some dude who showed up and kissed her while she was unconscious. Clearly, Eric had strong opinions on film even at an early age.

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George M. Thomas 

George M. Thomas reviewed movies and covered the business of movies for area newspapers for 13 years. For seven of those years, the Knight Ridder Tribune news service syndicated much of his work, including  two columns. An eight year member of the Broadcastt Film Critics Association (BFCA), he's interviewed stars that include Denzel Washington, Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg, and many other Oscar winners and nominees. He's a native of the Cleveland area. Please click here to contact George. Follow him on Twitter @GeorgeThomasABJ.

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Pamela Zoslov

Pamela Zoslov has been editing, writing for, and getting the heave-ho from publications all over Northeast Ohio since the 1980s, including Cleveland Magazine, the Cleveland Edition, Northern Ohio Live, Sun Newspapers and the Cleveland Free Times (where she was managing editor). She has won Press Club and Ohio SPJ Awards for film and media criticism, and continues to ply her editing skills in various venues and write film reviews and occasional features for Cleveland Scene.

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