Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Can You Check Out Any Time But You Can Never Leave...Horror Hotel in Hudson? June 15 - June 18

Event preview by Charles Cassady, Jr.

At the annual installment of the International Horror Hotel Festival & Convention, you can see a short subject called DICKEATERS: THE MOVIE. Wouldn't it be worth it alone, to say you did that?

After all, the Cavaliers lost; might as well have some takeaway for 2017.

Horror Hotel is an early-summer offshoot of The Indie Gathering, a long-running series of meetings and networking expositions and festivals put on by and for DIY Ohio filmmakers. The Indie Gathering upholds "microcinema," ultra-low budget moviemaking outside the big film-industry system.

The Indie Gathering has a big annual international film festival in Hudson, Ohio, in early fall. But from the submissions that were coming in, the organizers - stunt coordinator Ray Szuch and actress-producer Kristina Michelle, of Cleveland - noticed that backyard filmmakers around the world most often gravitated horror and science-fiction genre shorts and features.

Thus, Horror Hotel books locally made terror-fantasy cinema from all over the world (DICKEATERS, a combination of gore, comedy and campy-drag stuff, itself hailing from Philadelphia - hey, just like ROCKY). Filmmakers visit - some all the way from the Far East, and there are contests for Scream Queens and f/x makeup. Panel discussions cover stunts, legal aspects of moviemaking, and film scoring.

Networking parties and a vendor fair are designed to actually get aspiring directors, actors and crew members together to work on future projects.

Guests include Cleveland filmmaker Johnny Wu, casting expert Tina Hobbs, Columbus filmmaker Peter John Ross, and monster-makeup maestro Alan Tuskes, among others. Saturday night, weather permitting, will host a classic-auto cruise-in by day, and, after nightfall, an outdoor drive-in type screening of festival entries (audience limited to the first 100 vehicles).

Tickets range from a $50 advance VIP admission for the whole weekend, to varying one-day rates or $7 for individual feature-film screenings. And it only costs $5 for shorts. That's quite a bargain, we imagine, for DICKEATERS: THE MOVIE bragging rights.

It happens at the Clarion Inn 6625 Dean Memorial Parkway, in Hudson. The phone number is (330) 653-9191, and the website is http://www.horrorhotel.net

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