Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Filmmaker Delaney Ruston with local premiere of Screenagers, Oct. 26.

That stuff about the Indians being in the World Series was fun for a while, until everyone started jumping on the money train and grubbing for bucks in relation to the home games. No broke, laid-off Clevelander can really afford to attend (but they’re buying tickets at Progressive Field anyway), and even the viewing parties are prohibitively expensive.

For Cleveland Movie Blog readers looking for a cheap-or-free non-baseball diversion, here’s a good one; while the rest of the city goes sports-mad, a nationally known documentary filmmaker  is quietly sneaking into Parma for a personal appearance.

Delaney Ruston, of New York, has made acclaimed nonfiction features on mental health and society. Wednesday night at 7 p.m. she brings her latest documentary, SCREENAGERS, to Parma, for a showing and Q&A.

Using Ruston’s parental dilemma as a mother of teenagers, choosing to buy a new, tempation-filled smartphone for her daughter, the film addresses the world-wide web of headline-making issues over youngsters in the digital age: cyberbullying, sexting, getting lost in virtual-reality gaming worlds, and social-media alienation from family as kids lose themselves in little glowing devices that were unknown a generation ago.

Admission is free but registration in advance is requested. Call 216-661-4240.

It happens at the Parma-Snow Public Library, 2121 Snow Road in Parma. Unless someone has sold Delaney Ruston on a bargain $800 game-day ticket for a lawn chair in the parking lot, and she decides to head downtown instead.

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