Tuesday, September 22, 2015

'Dog Eat Dog', 'In Search Of Fellini' and 'I See You' casting in Cleveland

[Press release from the Greater Cleveland Film Commission.]

The Greater Cleveland Film Commission is happy to announce that three films shooting in Cleveland in the coming months are now casting principle and extra roles through OPACasting.

Those interested in casting opportunities for DOG EAT DOG, IN SEARCH OF FELLINI or I SEE YOU, please visit the OPACasting website www.olmstedperformingarts.com/film to fill out a free profile and begin receiving casting emails.

Ivan Schwarz, President of the Greater Cleveland Film Commission, said, "The Greater Cleveland Film Commission is excited that these films have decided to film here and help us continue with our mission to build a year round industry in Cleveland and Northeast, Ohio. So far we have created 1,729 full time equivalent jobs, have had an economic impact of $400 million and a return on investment of $2.01."


  1. Any information on crew positions available?

  2. Any news on if they need any PAs?

  3. Sorry Anonymous, I only know what's in the press release.

  4. does anyone know where in Northeast Ohio (besides the Cleveland area) they are filming? Like a more specific locale?

  5. Does anyone know the specific location that they are filming?


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