Wednesday, June 3, 2015

'When it Snows on the Ice of Hell' screens at Horror Hotel this weekend

[Press release from the filmmakers.]

A couple celebrating their anniversary in an enclave in the middle of an inhospitable icy place in WHEN IT SNOWS ON THE ICE OF HELL 

 PEDRO JA√ČN R. (Cordoba, Spain, 02/15/1982) Young artist began a self-taught in 1996, after working with various magazines. At this stage, from 1997 to 2000, are a large number of works related to the synthetic image and literary narratives and his first short films. In 2000 he went to Madrid to study Audiovisual Communication at the European University, graduating in 2005. He worked on numerous short films, including PiXmalion Project (2000), Bloodshot (2001), X-Y (2004) and The Return of Thunder (2005). He completed his training with the director / producer Antonio Gonzalo, the prestigious scriptwriter Syd Field, and at the ECAM. Since 2007 he has shot several short films, among them OPHTHALMOS and Salvation, and his first feature film, and he is currently working on several music videos.

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