Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Light Brigade to bring special screenings to Akron's Nightlight Cinema.

[Press release from the Nightlight Cinema.]

In order to bring some of the more challenging films to the big screen of Akron's Nightlight Cinema, the arthouse theatre has started a new monthly campaign called "The Light Brigade". Each month they will offer a chance to bring one film (or, as in this month's case, a double feature) for one night only that might otherwise be a bit risky to program. The way they can do that is through crowd funding site Tilt. If enough people show their interest by putting their money where their mouth is, the movie will get booked and play. If not, it won't. You won't be charged unless the goal is met.

This month's entry is a double feature from director Tsai Ming:
  • REBELS OF THE NEON GOD - The 1992 debut feature of Taiwanese master director Tsai Ming-liang comes to us in a brand new HD restoration. This document of teen rebellion introduces the character Hsiao-kang who reprises his role in many of Tsai's films, including his latest–
  • STRAY DOGS - Tsai's 2013 overwhelming powerful most recent feature.
 If you'd like to see those films at the Nightlight, head over to the tilt site and pledge your support.

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