Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Cleveland ConCoction returns, March 13-15

[Event preview by Charles Cassady, Jr.]

This is traditionally the time of year for an "anime" convention, Shinboku-Con, out west near Lorain-Sandusky. But something went wrong and it got cancelled for 2015. Just like the Browns fans hopes. And I'm having a sinking feeling that the Republican convention will cancel at the last minute as well. They'll probably back out due to rumors that the CAPTAIN AMERICA sequel is STILL shooting and has all the Cleveland-area streets blocked off.

Point is, with Shinboku-Con gone the way of so many good things around here (meaning, "gone"), where can local movie/cartoon/fantasy/sci-fi fans get their fix this weekend of dressing up in "cosplay" as film-TV-comics characters, or similar vices?

That's where the Cleveland ConCoction comes in. This is a fantasy/sci-fi and gaming convention, a celebration of science-fiction and fantasy art, dramatizations, role-playing gaming (a la Dungeons & Dragons), comics, cosplay/fashion, stop-motion filmmaking lessons, film screenings, VIP celebrities, and just about everything that fan conventions are about.

Visit with vendors of "steampunk" gear! Attend bizarre and esoteric panel discussions! View galleries of Games of Thrones and Halo-type fan art! Listen to the unspeakable melodies of "filksong" bands, inspired by Harry Potter and the like! And watch (or, worse, participate in) a costume contest.

There are also guests, most prominently this year longtime voiceover actress Tasia Valenza, who has done characters in the CGI Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Batman and other video-game franchises. In addition, expect visits from local fantasy-oriented authors (the prolific S. Andrew Swann billed prominently).

Cleveland ConCoction takes place at the Airport Sheraton, 5300 Riverside Drive, right by Cleveland-Hopkins International Airport. Hours of ConCoction are Friday from noon to midnight, Saturday from 10 a.m. to midnight and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. - with variations, given the way gaming tournaments tend to go.

For more information and registration, go to the Cleveland ConCoction site,

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