Friday, January 30, 2015

A Most Violent, and Stylish, Year

By Pamela Zoslov

J.C. Chandor's new thriller, A MOST VIOLENT YEAR, is set in New York City in 1981, a time when the city was gritty and the specter of crime was ever-present. It was also, says Cynthia Deering, owner of Deering Vintage, the city's leading destination for well-curated retro clothes, a revolutionary time for women's fashion.

“Minimalism was a shocking new concept,” Deering says. “The 'power suit' was just beginning to find its way into the wardrobes of the most confident women.”

In the movie, Jessica Chastain plays the tough, beautiful Mob-princess wife of a successful businessman (Oscar Isaac). The actress was dressed, by Giorgio Armani, in early-'80s Armani – flared, ankle-grazing skirts, long, fitted blazers, silk blouses with soft bows. The early '80s isn't a fashion epoch that's received much nostalgic attention, but who knows? Hollywood has a way of inspiring Seventh Avenue. Armani's retrospective costumes, whose simplicity looks quite appealing to the modern eye, could be as influential as Ralph Lauren's 1977 “Annie Hall” look or the “Gatsby” revival of 2013.

To help promote the movie's Cleveland release, Deering teamed up with A24 Films to create a photo spread, with model Leah Paré Stern (who in the photo shoot has a passing resemblance to Ms. Chastain) in Armani clothes from Deering's impressive stock. Deering has posted one photo a day from the shoot on Deering Vintage's Facebook page,

A Most Violent Year is showing at area theaters. Deering Vintage, a collectors' dream filled with beautiful suits, dresses, shoes, handbags, jewelry, hats, home décor items and other treasures, is at 1836 W. 25th Street, (216) 274-1211.

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