Thursday, October 2, 2014

Canton Film Festival kicks off its second year Oct. 2-4

[Event preview by Charles Cassady, Jr.]

Didn't Andy Warhol say something like in the future everyone will have a film festival? Well, he should have.

Last year Canton, Ohio, not content with being home to the Football Hall of Fame and the R&B Hall of Fame, hosted its first film festival. This weekend the second annual Canton Film Festival brings a fairly amazing gallery of guests and locally connected films to the town.

A major VIP is Brannon Braga, a onetime Canton resident who wound up at the helm of the syndicated smash Star Trek: The Next Generation. Braga went on to produce two Star Trek theatrical features and also written and produced for TV's 24, Flashforward and, recently, the new Cosmos science documentary show. Braga has directed it as well, and an episode of his Cosmos will screen at 5 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 4, along with a reception and discussion with Braga.

Canton-born actor Bruno Gunn will also attend a screening of the new drama AFTER, in which he appears. Toplining acclaimed actress Kathleen Quinlan, AFTER tells the tale of a family-business dynasty in upstate New York, struggling not only with the economics of recession but a dark household secret threatening to re-emerge. Kent State University graduate Matthew D. Patron will present his very personal nonfiction feature COLLECTING SGT. DAN, about the devastating impact of the death of his brother, US Marine Daniel James Patron, while serving in Afghanistan in 2011 in the same capacities as characters in the Oscar-winning THE HURT LOCKER

CONTRACT: REDEMPTION is local product, a sci-fi action short subject with parkour stunts about a pro hitman forced to compete with his younger, nimbler clone. Also with NE Ohio roots in THE SAX MAN, the tuneful documentary feature about the life and times and riches and rags of a longtime Cleveland street musician.  

Events take place at the historic Canton Palace Theatre, at 605 Market Ave. N. For a full schedule of films and events, go online to The Canton Palace can be phoned at (330) 454-8172.

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