Tuesday, October 1, 2013

31 Days of Halloween Part II: the obligatory sequel that's never as good as the original

Hey folks, Bob Ignizio here. Against my better judgment, I've decided to try doing another 31 Days of Halloween series. The basic idea is that we'll have one horror movie review a day. Where possible, these reviews will tie in with special Halloween season screenings at the Cleveland Cinematheque, Cleveland Cinemas' '12 Hours of Terror' marathon, and the Aut-O-Rama Drive-In's 'Trunk or Treat' special event. Or we might just review a horror movie one of us here at the Cleveland Movie Blog happens to have a particular fondness for. Last year it just about killed me trying to keep up with this, so we'll see how it goes this time around. If I wind up running out of steam, at least you can always check out last year's reviews at the link below for some handy recommendations if you find yourself looking for something to put you in the Halloween spirit.

31 Days of Halloween 2012

And stay on top of this year's entries with this link:

31 Days of Halloween 2013

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