Wednesday, August 14, 2013

‘Women Of The Day’ at The Indie Gathering

[Press release from Hells Bells Productions.]

On Saturday, August 17, just after midnight, ‘Women of the Day’ will have a special screening and live performance at the 17th Annual Indie Gathering International Film Festival at the Clarion Inn & Conference Center in Hudson, Ohio. Episode “Jane, Lyd and the Exorcist Stairs,” which was shot on location at the “Exorcist Stairs” in Georgetown, Washington, D.C, will screen just after midnight, and at 12:45 a.m., Lauren Clarke and Sarah Elizabeth will perform a ‘Women of the Day’ live skit during the festival networking party. We invite the public to attend both the special screening and the live performance.

Women of the Day’ is a new live comedy show and web series about the daily goings-on of Jane (Lauren Clarke) and Lyd (Sarah Elizabeth a.k.a. Sarah E.), two modern day friends. The show originated as a short film in 2011, written by Sarah Elizabeth of Bristol, Connecticut, and filmed in Lauren Clarke’s hometown of Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Just like the 2011 film that preceded it, the live show and web series touches upon current subject matter that affect the lives of both women and men today. Subjects include weight, body image, careers, relationships, intimacy, and lighter subjects such as cocktails, food, driving, dating, and how to entertain yourself during a blackout.

The web series is on Facebook at and on Youtube at

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