Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Open Call For Entires -Ohio Independent Screenplay Awards

[Press release from the Ohio Independent Film Festival.]

There is still time!
August 15th is the regular deadline for the Ohio Independent Screenplay Awards. But don't fret-the late deadline is September 1, 2013. This gives you plenty of time to wrap it up and send it off. If you know anyone who may be interested in submitting a screenplay, please forward this email.

The Ohio Independent Screenplay Awards features three different awards: 
  • Best Screenplay Award
  • Best Northcoast Screenplay Award
    (majority of the screenplay set in Northern Ohio), created to encourage filmmaking in Ohio
  • Best Voice of Color Screenplay Award
    (story that reflects people of color and/or written by a writer who is a person of color)
All judging is done on merit and quality of the work only. The first round of judging is by completed by Independent Pictures' readers; they choose the finalists for each award from the submissions.
The final round of judging is by area industry professionals. They choose the Best Screenplay, Best Northcoast Screenplay, and Best Voice of Color Screenplay from the finalists.

- national recognition via press release
- listing on our website/ facebook pages
- $500 cash prize for each winning screenplay

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