Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hayao Miyazaki movies return to the Cinematheque, this time in English

[Press release from the Cleveland Cinematheque.]

One year after a Hayao Miyazaki retrospective proved one of its biggest attractions in years, the Cleveland Institute of Art Cinematheque is bringing back the work of this acclaimed Japanese animator. But this time the Cinematheque will show nine features instead of seven, and all films will be presented in English language versions—not the subtitled versions shown last September and October.
This year’s series, which runs from September 6 through November 1, is entitled “Hayao Miyazaki: Once More – in English.” It consists of nine of the 11 features made by the Oscar-winning animator, including PONYO, a 2008 feature that is the most recent film of his to be released in the U.S. (and a Cinematheque premiere). Not included in the series is Mr. Miyazaki’s first film THE CASTLE OF CAGLIOSTRO (1979) and his latest, THE WIND RISES, which just opened last month in Japan.

All nine of the movies to be shown will be projected from beautiful new 35mm film prints. The English language versions have been expertly prepared by the Walt Disney Company and feature celebrity voice talent ranging from Cate Blanchett, Kirsten Dunst, and Clare Danes to Matt Damon, Michael Keaton, and Shia LeBeouf.
This new series should make Mr. Miyazaki’s high-flying adventure fantasies accessible to an even larger audience than the previous one—allowing all ages to discover his unique world of children and creatures, witches and wizards, spells and spirits, flying machines and floating islands, man-made monstrosities and natural wonders.
All films will show in the Aitken Auditorium of the Cleveland Institute of Art, 11141 East Boulevard in University Circle, Admission to each film is $9; Cinematheque members $7; age 25 & under $6. Tickets are sold only at the door on the day of the show, cash and check only. Free parking for filmgoers is available in the adjacent CIA lot, located off of East Blvd. For further information, call (216) 421-7450 or email
FRI          9/6         7:00 PM                CASTLE IN THE SKY
SAT        9/7         5:00 PM                CASTLE IN THE SKY
THU       9/12       8:35 PM                NAUSICAƄ OF THE VALLEY OF THE WIND
SAT        9/14       5:15 PM                NAUSICAƄ OF THE VALLEY OF THE WIND
FRI          9/20       7:30 PM                MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO
SAT        9/21       5:15 PM                MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO
SUN       9/22       6:30 PM                MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO
THU       9/26       8:35 PM                KIKI’S DELIVERY SERVICE
FRI          9/27       7:30 PM                KIKI’S DELIVERY SERVICE
THU       10/3       8:45 PM                PORCO ROSSO (THE RED PIG)
FRI          10/4       7:30 PM                PORCO ROSSO (THE RED PIG)
THU       10/10     8:35 PM                PRINCESS MONONOKE
FRI          10/11     7:00 PM                PRINCESS MONONOKE
SUN       10/13     8:25 PM                PRINCESS MONONOKE
THU       10/17     8:35 PM                HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE
FRI          10/18     7:15 PM                HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE
FRI          10/25     7:00 PM                SPIRITED AWAY
SAT        10/26     5:00 PM                SPIRITED AWAY
THU       10/31     8:45 PM                PONYO
FRI          11/1       7:30 PM                PONYO

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