Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Documentary 'A Clown's Recovery' screens at the Indie Gathering in Hudson, OH

[Press release from Matthew Broomfield.]

"A Clown's Recovery"
Award winning film for best feature documentary (4th Place)
Saturday August 17, 7:25pm screening

Life stopped when i heard the news about my brother, Eric 'Jelly Boy the Clown' Broomfield.

In this documentary portrait, we explore the driven spirit of Jelly Boy The Clown who defied all barriers in his miraculous recovery as a burn survivor and his struggle as an uninsured citizen of the U.S. The story follows Eric's experience from day 1 of being trapped in an apartment fire in New York City and his battle to return to the stage as a circus sideshow performer. Using on the scene and archival footage, interviews, dramatic recreations, animation and music performances, our documentary, offers an intensely personal expression of this unique individual and his drive to survive with the help of his friends and family.

A graphic chronological view on the wonders of human regeneration. Focusing on Jelly's day to day struggle in the hospital juxtaposed by benefit performances put on by the modern circus sideshow community. The film also addresses the pros and cons of the U.S. medical system. Displaying never before seen footage of modern circus sideshow stunts: sword swallowing, fire arts, pierced weight lifting and acts of the fakir such as beds of nails, human pin cushion, broken glass walking.

It was meant to be the start of an amazing summer. Our Circus Sideshow troupe, The Squidling Bros. ready to take on the NYC night life by storm after successful tours throughout the U.S. and Europe earlier that year. That morning I loaded up my bus with our show equipment and headed out of Philadelphia en-route to Coney Island USA. Jelly was in NY already performing at Ripley's Believe or Not as a sword swallower.

During the 6 weeks that followed I spent most of my time at the hospital. Staying with friends at night in different places throughout NYC. On the days I had to return to Philadelphia I made sure that a friend or family member would be there to visit. Even if only for a short time. Just to make sure someone was always checking up on him. When tragedy strikes a true community pulls together. The international modern circus community sent tremendous mental and financial support. Donating funds to keep Jelly from afloat financially while in the hospital was instrumental in his mental stability when he finally came to 5 weeks later in the ICU. Constant calls and emails helped Jelly gain the strength to leave the hospital early and return to stage well before professionally expected.

While not on tour I focused everyday of my life reliving that summer, from tragic to ridiculous, it was a gruesome yet touching experience. And now I present to you 'A Clowns Recovery.'

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