Monday, August 12, 2013

Award-winning Music Film “Conscious” to Screen at the Indie Gathering Film Festival & Convention

[Press release from Iron Road Productions.]

“Conscious” will screen at the Indie Gathering Film Festival & Convention on Saturday, August 17th, 2013. Information on admission to the Festival and tickets can be found at “Conscious” is a short music film showcasing a modern adaptation of the Greek mythological story of Icarus. With music from the band Lamia of the Pool and starring up and coming actor Patrick Hampton, “Conscious” shows one man’s struggle with his connection to society and the world. The film is directed by the up and coming director Chris Chandler in his first big production film, and produced by Chris Chandler and Cody Smart.

The film is a production of Iron Road Productions, a company crafted by Colorado native Chris Chandler. The company’s main goal is to create inspiring cinematic pieces that the ‘workingman’ can enjoy. This strive to create high quality entertainment has landed its film “Conscious” in film festivals like the Speechless International Film Festival, and the Indie Gathering Film Festival & Convention, where it was awarded second place in the Rock Genre Category.


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