Monday, May 27, 2013

Dope Island: The Fiend's 2013 Graduation Address (not that anyone asked me, and it's pretty despressing anyway)

For the second year in a row, the Cleveland Movie Blog welcomes college graduates into the real world (where you realize that the only reason the last four years may not be the biggest mistake of your lives: if you are still alive, it is remotely possible you have time left to make an even bigger mistake).

It may be of interest that the source material for this mashup primarily consists of two American WWII propaganda movies, THE STILLWELL ROAD, which I had heard was dreadfully boring but which I found a font of amazing imagery (and narrated by actor Ronald Reagan, too, but I am not yet audio-savvy enough to do much clever with that), and Frank Capra and a little bit from Anatole Litvak's DIVIDE AND CONQUER, from the classic "Why We Fight" series. Guess after a while my spring shorts can be strung together to form the classic "Why Did We Ever Go To College?" series.

I am truly sorry, kids. I too was once young and hopeful and not yet crushed in spirit. Hard to even remember that now.

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