Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Are you as tough as Steven Seagal?

[Press release/contest from DEADLY CROSSING.]

In conjunction with the Steven Seagal movie DEADLY CROSSING, which hit Redbox on May 14th, we’ve created the “Are You As Tough As Seagal?” To enter, submit a picture of yourself in your deadliest action pose at Prizes include: A martial arts Aikidogi, Wooden Bokken, MMA Fight Gloves, DVD/Movie Poster Package, Hats, and T-shirts, all signed by the Aikido master himself!

DEADLY CROSSING is an adrenalin-fueled crime drama that follows Elijah Kane (Seagal), leader of a Special Investigation Unit, and his skilled four-member team as they track a network of drug dealers and killers led by Russian mastermind, Nikoli Putin (Gil Bellows), in the dangerous outskirts of Seattle.

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