Friday, December 14, 2012

Twisted Spine Films wants your funny videos

[Press release from Twisted Spine Films.]

CALL FOR ENTRIES – Anything funny… No holds barred Films is seeking comedy sketches, clips, segments, songs, bits, Stand-up comedian, visual jokes, musical parody, etc.

We’re developing a half-hour comedy show with a “No holds Barred” attitude. If it’s funny, we want to see it.

Duration is not an issue, 5 Second to 5 Minutes, we may use your submission in whole or part.

We prefer AVI files, but will accept anything via CD, DVD, FTP, Flash drive, or Web Link. Higher the quality, the better.

Submitters must own all the rights to their submissions, they will retain them with their agreement to have their products aired in whole or part through TwistedSpine TV

TwistedSpine TV
c/o “No Holds Barred”
PO Box 81122
Cleveland, Ohio 44181

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