Monday, October 22, 2012

James Renner looking to raise money for true crime film

[Press release from James Renner.]

Today is the beginning of a new project: a feature-length narrative film about the search for Amy Mihaljevic's killer. This is something I've been thinking about for years and with the renewed interest in her case, now seems like the best time to get started. I'm raising funds through Indiegogo, where you can contribute anything from $10 on up. Donations will go toward hiring local crew. The more we raise, the bigger movie we can make. The plan is to begin filming in February. Lots more details to come. For now, please visit And please help me spread the word!

-James Renner

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  1. Come on, here's the real pitch: Cleveland Movie Blogheads, if you don't give this man you're money, this could happen:

    "Hello Renner! Hollywood here! We love your Amy Malkovich property and wanna film it! Just a few changes! Amy's a teen stripper! Turns out she got taken by aliens! But Liam Neeson and Jason Statham get her back! With a flying battleship! Like the board game; we got a marketing deal with Hasbro! Otherwise it's exactly how you wrote it! Oh, Kim Kardashian's on board to play Amy's mom! And you are no longer a reporter but a Navy SEAL/MMA fighter! Otherwise it's just how you wrote it! One more thing! No more Cleveland! Setting is Las Vegas! We got a locations tie-in with Steve Wynn's casino chain! Otherwise it's word-for-word how you wrote it! We'll send ya the papers to sign! Thanks again, Renner! Hollywood loves good writers!"


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