Monday, September 24, 2012

Thriller 'Barricade' offers chance to find free DVD in Cleveland

[Information taken from a press release from Allied Marketing.]

The straight to video thriller BARRICADE comes out on DVD Tuesday September 25th, and as a special promotion a free copy has been hidden somewhere in Cleveland. Clues can be found on the film's Facebook and Twitter sites.

SYNOPSIS: For seasoned actor Eric McCormack, the role of Terrance Shade was one of the most challenging of his career. Appearing in virtually every scene, it was both a physically and emotionally demanding role for McCormack. As a busy psychiatrist, Terrance is struggling to adjust to life as a widowed father whose main concern is the safety and well-being of his young children.  The children, as well, must come to grips with having lost their principal caretaker, a fun-loving and devoted mother and, at the same time, get closer to a father they’ve never truly bonded with.

“One of the interesting things about BARRICADE,” notes director Andrew Currie, “is you are never really sure what’s real.  What he’s seeing, at a certain point, he realizes is possibly not quite true. So, that becomes really exciting.” 

A holiday in the mountains is an opportunity for the Shade family to accept their tragic loss and start anew.  Little do they know they’ll all be tested in unimaginable ways. Apart from their fun-filled first night at the cabin and a snowball fight the following morning, the family experiences events that would frighten the most fearless.  The harrowing ordeal they are faced with, and ultimately survive, forces Terrance to overcome his fears and truly understand what it means to be a parent.

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