Wednesday, August 8, 2012

16th Indie Gathering Press Releases Part 2

Here's another helping of press releases about the films showing at the 16th Indie Gathering. The festival takes place from Friday August 17th through Sunday August 19th at the Clarion Inn and Conference Center in Hudson, Ohio. We'll be running more of these in the days to come, but for more information on the festival you can visit their website

[Press release from Cloudy Sky Films.]

Short Indie Film “About A Week” Wins Festival Award.

“About A Week”, a recently completed short independent film by Director, Writer, Producer and Star, Saba has won the Comedy-Drama Short Award. The Award was given by the 16th Indie Gathering Film Festival of Hudson Ohio. Saba, in a recent interview was quoted as saying, “I’m extremely proud and honored that we have won this award, especially since it is the first time one of Cloudy Sky Films
had been accepted as a Festival entry.

Cloudy Sky Films, the film’s production company was founded in 2010 by Saba, a native of France, who has been in the United States since 1996. His career as an actor since 2006, has lead him to write, produce and direct his own films. Other projects currently in production by Cloudy Sky Films are SNOW, the company’s first feature length venture; “Jordan”, a portrait of an handicapped young
adult (Short film), and “A Last Supper”, a series of spirited conversational tableaux,
based on a number of socially controversial topics.

For the benefit of movie festival enthusiasts, the award winning “About A Week” will be screened at the 16th Indie Gathering Film Festival, in Hudson Ohio, on Saturday August 18th, 2012 at 3.30PM.

For more info, visit

[Press release from filmmaker Felix van Cleef.]

“The Violet Hour” will screen coming August 19 at the 16th Indie Gathering International Film Festival, where it has won the 2nd prize in the category Foreign Drama Short. The screening will be at Screening Room B 4:45 PM - 5:05 PM

[Press release from truth+spirit films.]

Indie Feature SANCTIONED TO DIE To Screen On Opening Night Of Indie Gathering Film Fest

Filmmaker Brent Bambic’s latest film “Sanctioned to Die”, an action-themed crime drama about a to-the-death fight competition run by a gambling syndicate, will be honored with an Opening Night screening at the Indie Gathering Film Festival on Friday, August 17th. For more information please visit

The film has been awarded Best Martial Arts Feature by the top tier festival, and recently, the film won Best Martial Arts Film at the Las Vegas Film Festival Its world premiere was in Cannes and its U.S. premiere was at the AOF Int’l Film Festival in Los Angeles.

SANCTIONED TO DIE, Bambic’s third feature, delves into the disillusioned, angry psyche of the lead character, Ryan McGowan, played by talented newcomer Vince Segovia. Through intermittent voiceover, Ryan shares his views on the troubled state of our society, while remaining compelled to make a difference by fighting injustice and corruption. "The inspiration for the story came from the intention to express the discontent many people are feeling today," says Brent Bambic - writer, producer, and director of the film.

For more information visit

[Press release from Squeaky Wheel Productions.]

Award winning Suspense/Thriller THE MUSE set to screen at Indie Gathering Film Festival on August 18th.

Writer/Director Rufus Chaffee and Squeaky Wheel Productions are pleased to announce that their feature film THE MUSE has been awarded best Suspense/Thriller at the Indie Gathering Film Festival and will screen on August 18, 2012. Shot in just 13 days with a shoestring budget but with the look and feel of a multi-million dollar production the story behind the making of THE MUSE is as remarkable as the film itself. Also nominated for Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Cinematography and Best Director, The Muse has been called both “an eloquent thriller” by Bleeding Dead Reviews and “beautifully tragic” by Horror Hound magazine..

In this hypnotic and disturbing film written and directed by Rufus Chaffee, produced with stars Isaac Simons and Mike Pfaff, the story is told of a one hit wonder musician battling writers block and a strange inspirational force at a secluded lake house. With the superb blending of music with haunting visual imagery captured by the revolutionary RED camera, the film is sure to affect audiences long past the final frame.

A trailer as well as behind the scenes pictures and video are posted on the film’s website ( which also includes links to the Facebook page, Twitter account as well as links to reviews. The Muse was recently honored with a Special Recognition award at the Boston International Film Festival where it debuted in April. Information on the screening is available on the Indie Gathering website ( and fans can keep up to date on progress and future screenings by following the film on any of the social media outlets previously listed.

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