Monday, June 11, 2012

Melt Bar & Grilled Late Shift Film Series Expands To Akron

[Press release from Cleveland Cinemas.]
Cleveland Cinemas has announced the titles for the second half of 2012 MELT BAR & GRILLED LATE SHIFT. The series continues to showcase a variety of popular films from the recent and distant past that have developed enthusiastic fans over the years. 
Starting in July, the MELT BAR & GRILLED LATE SHIFT will be expanding to a third location bringing cult classics to the Akron area with the addition of Plaza Cinemas at Chapel Hill (500 Howe Ave., Cuyahoga Falls). Films will continue to screen at the Cedar Lee Theatre (2163 Lee Rd., Cleveland Hts.) and theCapitol Theatre (1390 W. 65th St., Cleveland).
“Seeing these films on the big screen with an audience is an incredible experience,” says Dave Huffman, Cleveland Cinemas Director of Marketing and programmer of the MELT BAR & GRILLED LATE SHIFT. “In addition to showing the films, we’ll have fun raffle prizes and some special promotions to make this much more than just a typical night out at the movies.”

Some upcoming promotions include:  “Pay What You Weigh” for the film SEVEN (July 21, Capitol Theatre). In honor of one of the seven deadly sins, gluttony, attendees can hop on the scale and pay 2.5¢ per pound instead of the standard $5 admission. For BEETLEJUICE (October 6, Cedar Lee Theatre), anyone who dresses in Goth attire will get a free popcorn.
The films showing in MELT BAR & GRILLED LATE SHIFT are as follows:
Capitol Theatre
June 16, 2012, midnight
Cedar Lee Theatre,
July 7, 2012, midnight
Capitol Theatre
July 21, 2012, midnight
Plaza Cinemas at Chapel Hill
July 21, 2012, 9:30 PM & midnight
Cedar Lee Theatre,
August 4, 2012, midnight
Capitol Theatre
August 18, 2012, midnight
Plaza Cinemas at Chapel Hill
August 18, 2012, 9:30 PM & midnight
Cedar Lee Theatre,
September 1, 2012, midnight
Capitol Theatre
September 15, 2012, midnight
Plaza Cinemas at Chapel Hill
September 15, 2012, 9:30 PM & midnight
Cedar Lee Theatre,
October 6, 2012, midnight
(all-night horror movie marathon)
Capitol Theatre
October 20, 2012, 10PM – 10AM
Plaza Cinemas at Chapel Hill
October 20, 2012, 9:30 PM & midnight
Cedar Lee Theatre,
November 3, 2012, midnight
Capitol Theatre
November 17, 2012, midnight
Plaza Cinemas at Chapel Hill
November 17, 2012, 9:30 PM & midnight
Cedar Lee Theatre,
December 1, 2012, midnight
Capitol Theatre
December 15, 2012, midnight
Plaza Cinemas at Chapel Hill
December 15, 2012, 9:30 PM & midnight
"It’s a ton of fun partnering with Cleveland Cinemas for the Late Shift,” says Matt Fish, owner of Melt Bar & Grilled.  “I love seeing some of my favorite movies back on the big screen and they inspire some of my craziest sandwich creations.”
In addition to the films above the Cedar Lee Theatre and Plaza Cinemas continue their monthly showings of the perennial cult classics THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW plays the first Saturday of each month at the Cedar Lee Theatre and the third Saturday of each month at Plaza Cinemas at Chapel Hill at midnight and features a live shadow cast performance by the resident casts, Simply His Servants (Cedar Lee) and The 69th Floor Show (Plaza Cinemas).  The Cedar Lee Theatre also features monthly showings of Tommy Wiseau’s THE ROOM on the second Saturday of each month at midnight.
Admission to MELT BAR & GRILLED LATE SHIFT films is $5 with the exception of ROCKY HORROR(admission is $9 or $6 if you come in costume) and 12 HOURS OF TERROR ($25 in advance, $30 day of show). Tickets are available at the theatre box offices and at least two weeks prior to each show.

The MELT BAR & GRILLED LATE SHIFT is sponsored by Cleveland Cinemas, Melt Bar & Grilled, Scene Magazine and Buzzbin Magazine with support from Ambiance the Store for Lovers and Big Fun.
About Melt Bar & Grilled
Melt opened in September 2006 with one goal: To provide gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and as many beers as possible in a cool and comfortable environment. No bar food. No boring choices on tap. And something for everyone: it's Cleveland-friendly, slightly kitschy, and memorable. It's relaxing, energetic, and fun. The menu has many staples, but it's always changing. There's new stuff to look at, and new stuff to try. Which is why Melt has only one major recurring “problem"—it's busy all the time! And no wonder: Melt specializes in one thing, and one thing only: that original goal mentioned above. This explains the regulars, even those who'll drive an hour to be here. It's an entity—a family—not merely a restaurant. Actually, it’s more of an event.
Melt Bar & Grilled locations:
14718 Detroit Ave., Lakewood
13463 Cedar Rd., Cleveland Hts.
6700 Rockside Road, Independence

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  1. RE: "Pay What You Weigh": Ironically, the only way you benefit from the $.025/lb promotion is if you can clock in under 200lbs. Tough indeed if you spend your time watching movies and hanging out at Melt! I'll just pay the $5, thanks.


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