Monday, May 7, 2012

Nationally syndicated movie critic Ignaity Vishnevetsky live in Akron

Reporting by Charles Cassady, Jr.

If someone booked me to lecture about the future of movies, I’d probably just shout, “Sequels and comic books!” then scram from the auditorium with my stipend clutched murderously in my hand, scattering the throngs before me with curses and violent swingings of my wolf-headed walking-stick. And if I was feeling especially sorry for myself, as I do these days, and want to be paid twice as much per word, I’d probably just cut it down to “comic books!” ‘Nuff said.

But presumably Ignaity Vishnevetsky has more to divulge than that when he appears at the Akron Public Library’s main branch on Wednesday at 7 p.m. for a free program entitled "A Short History Of The Future Of Movies," a multimedia lecture abetted generously by clips that gives the POV (evidently less cynical than mine) of the current and forthcoming state of cinema. Like, will the next Dukes of Hazzard feature go direct to DVD or back into theaters with Real3D, and will Jessica Simpson encore her triumph as Daisy?

I’m not giving poor Mr. Vishnevetsky any benefit of the doubt am I? Even though the Russian-born, Chicago-based essayist has written with much perception and acclaim on the motion-picture scene, and he succeeded Elvis Mitchell in co-hosting TV’s “Roger Ebert Presents At the Movies.” Me, I just met Ebert in person once, and he managed to politely tolerate me for about five minutes. Vishnevetsky will be taking questions from the audience in the two-hour program, which is free and open to the public.

The Akron Public Library is located at 60 S. High Street in Akron. For more information go online to or phone 330-643-9000

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