Wednesday, March 21, 2012

HorrorHound Weekend (March 23-25 at the Crowne Plaza Columbus North)

[HORRORHOUND WEEKEND takes place Friday March 23rd through Sunday March 25th at the Crowne Plaze Columbus North Hotel)

Event preview by Charles Cassady, Jr.

Would you drive to Columbus to attend something called “Women in Horror?” Gas prices are what, about $4? And didn’t you want to forget that ex-girlfriend/ex-wife/ex-female-boss-or-co-worker anyway?

Well, this Women in Horror is actually an iteration of HorrorHound Weekend, a barnstorming semi-regular horror and Hollywood nostalgia “con” (convention) that roves around the Midwest, from Indianapolis to Cincinnati and Columbus. Yes, Ohio’s capital is the closest it ever seems to get to Cleveland, and the guest list demonstrates why: Pam Grier, Cassandra Peterson, Tippi Hedren, Sherilyn Fenn, Adrienne Barbeau, Barbara Crampton, Danielle Harris, Fabiena Udena, Julie Adams, Denise Crosby etc. etc. Do you think females of this caliber would ever show up in Cleveland? Well, maybe when LeBron was still here. And if they had free front-row seats. Otherwise, no.

(And yes, I am aware Barbeau portrayed a `typical’ working-class Parma type on “The Drew Carey Show.” That’s why I always considered that sitcom to be sci-fi/fantasy. Cruel, sadistic sci-fi/fantasy.)

The lovely ladies will be joined from Friday, March 23, through Sunday, March 25, by a galaxy of creature-feature-genre celebrities, including director Stuart Gordon (and his own actress-wife, Caroline Purdy-Gordon), Gunnar Hansen, Doug Bradley, Tyler Mane, WWE wrestler Rhino, an all-star roll call of regional TV horror hosts and much more. There will also be a Saturday-night rock-music-and-burlesque-revival show, many vendors, film screenings (including the Ohio-made THE RAGE, with a Midnight Syndicate soundtrack), a costume contest and plenty of other delights.

Suddenly the Rock Hall inductions this year don’t seem so important after all. Tickets at the door are $20 each, with a weekend pass for $45 and a special VIP rate of $100. It happens at Crown Plaza Columbus North, 6500 Doubletree Ave., in your-know-what-cool-Ohio-city

The website, with last-minute guest additions and deletions (sorry, Natasha Henstridge fans), is

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