Friday, October 28, 2011

Dope Island: Fritz Lang predicted Occupy Wall Street in 1926!

By Charles Cassady, Jr.

The thing about the Occupy Wall Street protests to which I most related and sympathized were not the college-age kids upset that, for example, their boss at the Cleveland Clinic internship docked their pay for playing Angry Birds on their iPhones during the exploratory surgery demonstration, but one rather sad-looking older guy on Public Square at Occupy Cleveland with a sign reading, simply, "IF I HAD A JOB I WOULDN'T BE HERE." Wow, my life story in nine words.

So on that note, if I had a job I would not have been so inclined to waste my time and my iMovie skills to create this travesty of Fritz Lang's immortal 1926 METROPOLIS, an essential of world cinema which happens to fit the trendy anti-capitalist protests hand-in-glove. Of course, I have yet to see the recently released, "definitive" restoration of the silent science-fiction epic. Perhaps by pure accident it's exactly like this.

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