Monday, June 6, 2011

Bob's Lists: Bob's 10 Favorite Coimic Book Movies

By Bob Ignizio

I like making lists. I like writing for this blog. Here is where the two come together. At least once a month, maybe more, I'll be putting together a cinematically related top ten list. This time it's my top ten favorite comic book movies.

Notice I didn't specify super hero movies. There's a lot more to comic books, and comic book movies, than guys running around in funny costumes and punching each other. Not that you won't find plenty of that kind of thing on here, but some of my favorite comic book movies are much more down to earth. So without further ado, here's the list.

10. LONE WOLF AND CUB: SWORD OF VENGEANCE – A samurai and his young son wander Japan selling their services and cutting down enemies. The first two movies in this six film series were edited together into the English dubbed SHOGUN ASSASSIN, which is what the trailer is for. But watch the original Japanese versions, they're much better.

9, DANGER DIABOLIK! - John Phillip Law is the super criminal you want to root for. Ennio Morricone provides the killer soundtrack.

8. BATMAN THE MOVIE – Yes, it's ridiculously campy. It's also a lot of fun. Why is that such a bad thing?

7. AKIRA – As a general rule, I don't have much use for anime. Katsuhiro Ohtomo's sci-fi epic AKIRA is the masterful exception to the rule.

6. BARBARELLA – Barbarella psychedella, Jane Fonda stars in one swinging bit of space age pop fun.

5. V FOR VENDEATTA – I love Alan Moore, but man can he be a whiner at times. This is about as good an adaptation of a comic book into a movie as one could hope for.

4. GHOST WORLD – A wonderfully observed dark comedy about a hipster girl who pretty much messes up her life and the lives of everyone she touches.

3. THE DARK KNIGHT – Christopher Nolan's second Batman film shows the caped crusader's serious side with the help of a Joker.

2. AMERICAN SPLENDOR – Ordinary life is pretty complex stuff. It's also pretty funny, at least as seen through the eyes of the late Harvey Pekar.

1. SPIDER-MAN – With great power comes great responsibility. Sam Raimi was given the directorial power to adapt the popular Marvel Comics web slinger for the big screen, and the results aren't just responsible, they're downright “Amazing”.

Special bonus video: ITALIAN SPIDER-MAN – This lovingly crafted tribute to bad Euro trash cinema of the late sixties and early seventies is dead-on and absolutely hilarious. And yes, there is a more or less full movie that you can watch on Youtube.

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