Monday, March 14, 2011

Dope Island with Charles Cassady Jr.: Even Cavegirls Get the Blues

With persistent winter ice and snow I thought I might take us all to thoughts of warmer weather (or post-apocalyptic climate change) with a montage of cavemansploitation cheesecake I set to old-time blues music. It also brought up a thought I had during Black History Month; if Africa is supposed to be a cradle of human evolution, how come the cavegirls in all these movies are Anglos? Rae Dawn Chong in QUEST FOR FIRE and Halle Berry in THE FLINTSTONES are the only prehistoric sistahs I could think of. What, animal skins and rags weren't good enough for Pam Grier, Jeanne Bell or Lena Horne? The Tom Robbins parody title came to me out of thin air. I really thought it was wholly original until I did a quick online search and found an obscure Donald Duck comic had used it previously.

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